sperm donors in the unlikeliest places

I bought a copy of Diva magazine from News from Nowhere this month and found this card slipped between the pages.  You know, the type that comes with a funeral bouquet.






This was written on the back:






First of all, it’s hilarious that he has sneaked covertly into radical bookshops, slipping his calling card among the pages of lesbian magazines.  You have to give him credit for ingenuity. I also love how the ‘for lesbians’ is scribbled as an afterthought.  Finally, he hasn’t spelt ‘donor’ correctly.  A sperm donor is not the same as a donor kebab, Gary.

I am tempted to phone (or TEXT) out of sheer nosiness but I feel mean.  Poor Gary.  It’s the credit crunch.  Man’s gotta make a living.

In other news, A went for blood tests at the doctor’s, which were fine.  They did say she had a slightly higher than average level of testosterone, which apparently is common if you have PCO.  I can’t help but think of Max from the L Word though.


"I gotta get my 'T' down, man!"








[Btw –   I made a better beard out of Vaseline and tea leaves when I went as George Michael for a gay-themed party.]


We were told to phone the surgery before being referred to the hospital and planned to do this when we got back from out holidays but a week later A got a letter in the mail to say the G.P. had already referred us.  We have an appointment at the fertility clinic of the Women’s for September. Wish us luck!




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2 Responses to sperm donors in the unlikeliest places

  1. This is hysterical! Good for Gary, a true entrepreneur. LOL. In our quest for the perfect donor, my partner would only choose candidates with at least a master’s degree, so Gary would be disqualified 😦

    Love your blog!

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