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Cryos reject reds

Expect a LOT of Ginger Rage:   World’s biggest sperm bank, Cryos, tells redheads: We don’t want your semen By Michael Sheridan DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Sunday, September 18th 2011, 11:56 AM The world’s largest sperm bank is telling redheads … Continue reading

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unknown unknowns

A few weeks ago I went to my mum’s and we talked about the upcoming hospital appointment.  She brought up the fact that A would be having that baby and not me and asked whether I’d have the next one … Continue reading

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Childbirth, pain and why I’d rather not have my fanny ripped apart, thanks.

My straight friend recently initiated the IVF process, only to end up pregnant a week before her first cycle was due. I very much doubt this will happen to us but she urged us to go to the doctors to … Continue reading

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Denmark, more sperm and busting the turkey baster myth

Back to the sperm *eyeroll*. After deciding on Denmark, I read as many articles as possible on it and it seemed like the right thing to do.  Yes, it’s expensive but nothing like the prices you’d pay in the UK.  … Continue reading

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Lesbos. No, really.

This week I’ve been lounging around a pool in Lesbos.  Stop laughing. I spent the best part of 4 years telling everyone I was holidaying on ‘a Greek island, I forget which one’ and quickly changing the subject. Last time … Continue reading

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So this sperm thing…

My girlfriend and I are thinking of starting a family.  It’s something that we’ve talked about for ages and it’s come up in conversation so many times and then it kind of got to the point where we were like … Continue reading

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the road to what?

I thought a lot about what to call this blog. My friend Steph suggested ‘Road to Gestation’ which sounds great but doesn’t really convey the lesbian part.  Also I had to look up gestation in the dictionary, just to be … Continue reading

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